about us

Since 2001 I have been planning and surveying for my clients as an architect and expert witness in my two offices based in Vienna (A) and Fürth (D).

In nearly 20 years of company history we have planned and carried out countless constructions, conversions and refurbishments. As an expert witness I have prepared reports in almost all areas of construction.

The main office with our employees is located ever since 2008 in the third district in the Reisnerstrasse.

The Architect (Ancient Greek ἀρχιτέκτων architékton, "supreme craftsman, artisan builder, master builder", from ἀρχή arché, "beginning, origin, basis, the first" and τέχνη téchne "Art, Craft"). 

source: Wikipedia "Architekt"

We see ourselves as a service providers for all aspects of construction.

René Kops

Licensed architect / Common sworn-in expert witness

CEO, design from concept to completion, expert witnessing and site supervision


Markus Fuchs

Building physics / Energy performance certificates

certified mold professional, responsible for all questions related to building physics, energy performance certificates and utilizable value reports


Martina Schibich

Senior drafting technician

Design Development (Planning application), Construction Documents and Visualisation


René Kosche

Drafting technician

Design Development (Planning application), Construction Documents, Visualisation, Virtual Reality und 3D printing


Miroslava Andric

Senior architect

Design & planning, Heritage Conservation, 2D&3D Visualisation, graphic design, lighting design and photography


Johannes Obereder


CAD, Visualisation


Sabine Zouhar

Administrative assistant

Invoice billing, bidding/quotation and administrative work


Agnes Piller

Construction Management

Planning & site supervision

Ibrahim Alzaher


CAD, Visualisation


Gabriele Schartner

Cleaning management